Since 1985, North Central Parenting Group has been educating parents of infants and young children with the aid of qualified teachers who explore effective parenting skills through bi-weekly classes.  As a non-profit, non-denominational organization, our goal is to offer quality parenting classes while providing a forum for parents to share ideas and gain lifelong friendships.

Our exceptional teachers have a vast array of experience in child development, early education, guidance and counseling, and other areas related to family life. The knowledge and education you gain through the classes will become your parenting guide in all aspects of your life, as you and your child grow together.

We also offer quality on-site childcare provided by qualified professionals. You have the added comfort knowing your child is just down the hall while you attend class.


Our Mission

North Central Parenting Group is a non-profit, non-denominational organization providing parents a forum for the exchange of ideas about effective child-rearing.

NCPG employs experts in the field of early childhood education to teach interactive classes on parenting techniques. The organization offers classes that provide age-appropriate developmental information about children. The financial goal is to operate within a budget that keeps the corporation solvent while providing the best possible programming at the lowest cost of participation. NCPG extends financial assistance to interested parents who need help with tuition and/or nursery fees.


Special Events

Outside of the classroom, we offer various social events, including our Fall and Spring Festivals, and philanthropic and community activities. Through these activities, you will expand friendships with your classmates while your child learns about socialization and forming friendships. We believe NCPG benefits the entire family.