NCPG 2023-2024 Board of Directors


President: Ilyssa Reading
Vice President: Jenna Roehm
Treasurer: Gita Mishkin
Executive Assistant: Sara Ortega

Public Relations Director:
Delia Prucz

Sponsorship Directors:
Brooke Dahn, Mary Patterson, & Naomi Bentley

Special Events Directors:
Lauren Siddall, Ashlee Merrill, & BreAnn Foster

Social Directors:
Tayler Low & Rylee Chalmers

Outreach Directors:
Rachel Hall & Whitney Emmerson

Communications Directors:
Amanda Shaw & Catherine Jacobson

Childcare Directors:
Shannon Larson & Alicia Schroeder

Membership Directors
Michelle Van Der Werf & Alana Hildebrand

Education Directors:
Jenny Marusiak & Meredith Marks

Fundraising Directors:
Jill McMeekin, Ciara Rubalcava,
& Amy Dillon

Alternative Director:
Shannon Kolacevski

Transitional Director:
Megan Hedstrom


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