Class Progression

For 35 years, North Central Parenting Group has followed a class progression that has proven to be most beneficial to members and instructors. We group parents by their oldest child’s age.

Parenting a 3 month old is much different than parenting an 11 month old, so classes for the “little ones” were created for a much smaller age range. As our children age, the developmental differences between a few months lessens, therefore the age range in classes widens as we move on into school-age  years.

Below are the NCPG policies and protocol for class placement:

  1. For Newborn A through Class 4B, members will be placed based on the birthdate of their oldest child. In some circumstances, members may be permitted to request placement based on a child other than their oldest. However, this is up to the discretion of the Membership Co-Chairs and the Executive Board.
  2. Member enrollment may impact class placement as the Board strives to have no class be too large or too small. If the class that a member would normally be assigned to is full, that member may be offered a spot in the class just above or below their child’s age group (if space permits). Please note that placement outside of a member’s child’s age group will only be permitted in the event that the normally assigned class is full. Special requests will not be accepted.
  3. Beginning in Pre-K/Jr. Kindergarten, class placement will be determined based on the member’s oldest child’s GRADE in school rather than their age. Enrollment in the specified grade is required to be placed in a particular class. For example, a member’s oldest child must be enrolled in Kindergarten to be placed in the Kindergarten class.
  4. The only exception to the previously mentioned policies will be if abiding by these policies prevents an existing member from remaining with their current group. For example, if a member is placed slightly outside of their child’s age group due to space restraints in the year that they joined, that member will be permitted to remain with that group as they continue on in NCPG if desired. These members are also welcome to request placement that more closely aligns with their child’s age or grade if space permits during a subsequent year. However, once moved, these members cannot choose to repeat a class in order to be back with their original group.
  5. Special requests based on teacher preference and/or having friends in a particular class will not be honored. This is to maintain the integrity of our classes and prevent a wider range of ages and/or school grades in each class than was originally intended.

If you have any questions about your class assignment, please contact


The information provided by NCPG instructors should not be used as a substitute for the medical care and advice of your pediatrician. There may be variations that your pediatrician may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.