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Along with the life-long friendships (for both you and your little one), NCPG offers informative classes from expert instructors. Here’s what NCPG members said when we asked what’s the best thing learned in class this year?

Wow, a lot! I had zero training in parenting and I am so grateful for NCPG and being able to share with all these wonderful mothers. Best lessons range from how important it is to make your own family traditions to no bumpers in the crib. And, that it’s really not normal for my 10.5 month old to wake up 5 times each night. - Stephanie


Every mom struggles with the same things that I do and the affirmation that I am doing the right things for my child. 3 year olds are really just that difficult!!! – Meredith


Discipline means to teach, not to punish. Also, not to take your children’s verbal out lashes personally. – Elise


How to notice when you or your kids are in an “amygdala hijack”— when your body goes to fight-or-flight and you can’t think clearly. She taught us that it is necessary to identify and release our own emotional triggers that can cause this and showed us the importance of breathing to bring yourself back into a calm and rational state to parent better. I’ve learned to not let myself be in a constant panic mode trying to put out fires with kids, stay calmer, and create a more calm environment around me for my kids. I feel more nourished and grounded from the inside, which allows me to be a better parent for my boys. – Shaly


There are so many great ones. My favorite recently is a technique for positive recognition. First: observe and point out what we see them doing. (“I see that all of the toys are put away and the house is so clean.”) Second: let them know how that makes us feel. (“I feel so respected when you do what I ask. And now I can relax in this nice clean space.”) Third: attach a virtue. (“That is so cooperative of you and shows such organization!”) – Nicole


I really benefited from the class on discipline and toddlers…but the absolute best thing I’ve gained from class this year is the support and friendship of other mothers. I’m so happy that I joined! – Laura


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