Board of Directors

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NCPG 2017- 2018 Board of Directors:

President Ashley Blalock

Vice-President Lindsay Perry

Treasurers Caroline Keating

Assistant Treasurer Jenna Hilton

Membership Co-Directors Rebecca Hogan and Sarah Dworkin

Education Co-Directors Ann Derksen and Katie Morris

Fundraising Co-Directors (Events) Catherine Western, Monica Brown and Stacy Medeiros

Sponsorship/Advertising Co-Directors Alyson Kennedy, Katrina Stuart and Natalie Thimsen

Communications Co-Directors (Newsletter) Laurie Ball and Chandra Petelin

PR (Social Media) Kristen Reardon

Nursery Director Co-Directors Carole Anne Cook and Dana Holt

Special Events Co-Directors Kendall Chester  and Deanna Sheedy

Social Co-Directors Colleen Fillion and Tiffany Kaufman

Community Outreach Co-Directors Jessica Lewis and Jessica Phipps




If you would like become involved with NCPG, please contact us at

Letter from the Executive Directors:

Ashley Blalock and Lindsay Perry are the 2017- 2018 North Central Parenting Group President and Vice President. Ashley, Lindsay, and 23 other fabulous women make up your NCPG Board of Directors. Together we all work towards ensuring that NCPG provides top-notch education for parents of infants through middle school aged children, fostering a positive environment for families to learn from our educators and members, and gain lifelong friendships.

Founded in 1985, NCPG is the longest standing parenting group in the Valley. Our reputation and positive environment has allowed us to continue our legacy of educating parents on various age appropriate developmental information. We also manage to have a ton of fun, which doesn’t hurt the success of our organization!

President_VPAs parents it’s so important to believe in each other and admitting that sometimes raising kids isn’t always sunshine, rainbows, and glitter. One of the best parts of NCPG is being a part of something bigger and having that extra level of support and friendship for those days you just want to scream!

There are so many ways to get involved with NCPG, one of which is joining one of our committees, so if you are interested please reach out to us and we will happily get you connected. We are looking forward to spending this next year as your President and Vice President, and are always available if you all need anything or have comments/suggestions on how to improve NCPG.



Ashley Blalock

NCPG President 2017-2018

Lindsay Perry

NCPG Vice President 2017-2018